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Genuary 2024, Days 7-12

[ creative-coding , genuary ]

Another six days of genuary 2024 are done! Here they are, with some random ramblings.

Day 7 - Progress Bar

I was thinking of a progress bar that was not just a line filling up from left to right, or a circle or arc doing the same. Went through a lot of iterations of this. Ended up on this progression from a simple boring left-to-right progress bar, to total chaos. It still gets the idea across though.

Day 8 - Chaotic System

This is a pretty run-of-the-mill 2d strange attractor, but I just kind of made up the formula on my own. I usually have to look up a formula, but I just made some params and threw some sines and cosines at it, and tested some random values until I saw some nice attractors coming out of it and honed in on that range. Beyond that, nothing too special here.

Day 9 - ASCII

Same formula as Day 8, but far fewer points, and I labeled each one and drew lines between successive generated points. Interesting effect I thought.

Day 10 - Hexagonal

This started as something similar I’d done with a rectangular grid a while back - rotated and scaled shapes inside of each cell. But I added an offset to it as well which gives it an almost 3d feel.

Day 11 - In the style of Anni Albers (1899-1994)

I was not familiar with Anni Albers. I looked over her work and was intrigued by a fabric piece called Intersecting. The basic concept here is borrowed from that. Each line occasionally jumps lanes and uses a dampened spring formula to settle into that lane.

Day 12 - Lava Lamp

This grew out of a much simpler, much more boring piece I almost published as is. It was just multiple flat morphing blob shapes in a grid. But I realized I could do something similar to what I did with the hexagons in Day 10. Then added some colors and just tweened the hell out of every conceivable property.

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