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Community Creative Coding

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I love it when a community comes together to do something positive and fun. An example is when creative people form some kind of hashtag on social media and post images, animations, or other art. Often these are tied to a particular day like #silentsunday. Other times they extend in time, with a different theme for each day.


The header image on this post refers to genuary, a community generative art project that provides a prompt for each day of January each year. You create something based on the prompt and post it to your social network of choice, with the given hashtag of the day. It’s very loose, with no hard and fast rules. Follow the prompts… or don’t. Do some of them, skip others. It’s all about creating stuff and sharing.

I plan to participate in genuary this year. I’m shooting for doing every day, and I’ll post here now and then, with a few days worth of creations each time.

Last year I did about a week’s worth, but got busy with other things, so didn’t finish. Here’s a couple I did then:

7 Days of Code

7 days of code banner

Another one is 7 Days of Code. This is a monthly coding challenge with prompts given for just the first seven days of each month. I think it’s been on hiatus for a while, but it’s back for January 2024. Maybe bad timing as I think a lot of the same people who do 7 days will also do genuary. Here’s some stuff I did for 7 days in October 2021. I don’t recall the prompts.


I’ve actually set up some of these on a very impromptu basis in past years. Search that social media site with the bird icon for hashtags #GulyIsForJifs and #MayContainGifs. These were daily challenges to create an animated gif every day of July and May. No particular theme or prompt on those ones. There are still quite a few up on the aforementioned site. I also have a folder full of gifs tagged #Awegif2021 tag for August 2021, but nothing comes up in searches for that. Maybe I’ll do something like that later in the year on Mastodon.

Here’s one I did for those #Awegif2021

Anyway, I’m looking forward to genuary. Ping me if you’re participating!

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