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I went in for my MRI today to see what’s happening with my rotator cuff.

I had an MRI once before, quite a few years ago. I tend to have a claustrophobic reaction to small tight places like tunnels. Even the thought of crawling through a tunnel or watching a movie where that’s happening gives me a physical reaction. It’s something to do with the thought of not being able to raise my arms or turn around or go backwards. Just writing this, I’m shuddering. Anyway, last time I had an MRI they asked if I’d have a problem. I looked at the machine and was like, “Nah, it’s so short and I can see out both ends. No problem.” Then as I was moved into the tube, I started to panic. It took a lot of self control and measured breathing, but I got through it.

So in we go again today. Last time they offered a sedative. I would have taken it this time, but it wasn’t offered and I was embarrased to ask. My wife suggested shutting my eyes before I go in and keeping them shut. So I did that. They also offered headphones and asked what kind of music I wanted. I said classic rock. Yeah, a lot of it’s crap, but it’s my crap. I didn’t want to be in there listening to current music that I have zero connection or affinity with. So we got some Bad Company, Bon Jovi, Doors, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, and some others. Incidentally, the sounds the MRI was making during the ZZ Top tune matched the guitar track to a degree that was uncanny. Rhythm, tone, timbre. They actually started resonating with each other causing a fascinating audio effect. Although I’m not a huge ZZ Top fan, this was magical.

But I digress.

Shut my eyes and kept them shut, rolled in, listened to the music, rolled out twenty minutes later. No problem! I was very happy about that.

This evening I got the written report. I’ve got a partial tear on one side of my supraspinatus tendon with a 9mm retraction and another tear on the other side. Two other posisble tears elsewhere.

You know what that means? Me neither. At least it’s not a full width tear. But I’m not sure if these are small enough that they could potentially heal on their own, or if surgery will be necessary. I’ll talk to my doctor on Monday.

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