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Another Paradox

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Take the sentence:

You have not read this sentence.

It was true, up until the point you read it. Then it was false. Alternately…

You have read this sentence.

This was false, until you read it. Then it was true.

By reading the sentence, you changed its meaning. A Heisenberg sentence?

Oddly, the first sentence is still true for those who have not read it yet. But I think “yet” is important here. What about the billions of people who will never read that sentence? The “you” in the sentence refers to the reader, so if they never read it, they are not described by “you”, so the sentence has no meaning for them. I think it is neither true nor false.

Even more oddly, once someone does read it, that’s when the “you” takes on meaning. But at that point, the “you” refers to them even before they read it. So the fact of observing the sentence changes its meaning not only in the present and future but in its past as well. Weird.

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