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Genuary2024, Days 13-18

[ creative-coding , genuary ]

The next six days of genuary 2024!

Day 13 - Wobbly function day

Might have to start this one manually. Set it to loop and turn up the sound a bit.

I didn’t quite follow the spirit of the prompt, but the strings do wobble. I wanted to practice synchronizing video and sound. Tones created in Supercollider with a synthdef I made last year that sounds sort of like strings.

Day 14 - Less than 1kb artwork

small mandelbrot

Didn’t want to do size coding. Wanted to see the best Mandelbrot image I could make in 1K. Had to JPG the heck out of it after it rendered.

Day 15 - Use a physics library

Not quite a physics library, but it’s my easing library that I wrote last year and haven’t really used. It works pretty well. Been using it more since this, so that’s cool.

Day 16 - Draw 10,000 of something

10,000 strange attractors rendered with 10,000 points on a 10,000 pixel canvas. Frame rate is 1 fps so the movie takes 10,000 seconds (around 2 hours 46 minutes).

Here’s a 60 fps version that takes 2 minutes and 46 seconds.

Day 17 - Inspired by Islamic art

Not Islamic art. You’ll have to take my word that it was “inspired by”.

Day 18 - Bauhaus

Call back to a business card I once had from a company I worked for.

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